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Team Partnering Bridge, Tunnel and Elevated Highway Construction 2020 Award

Pre-Construction Partnering Facilitation - Team Partnering LLC

Zen commands respect and knows how to get buy-in from participants. He has a good feel for the "pulse" of the room and uses it to better facilitate a session. - Bob Bowden, Construction Operations Engineer, FHWA (Grand Canyon, Mather Point)

We provide Partnering session facilitation services with certified partnering facilitator for building, road, bridge, elevated highway, waterway and/or design-build projects. Partnering is a formal management process in which all parties to a project voluntarily agree at the outset to adopt a cooperative, team-based approach to project development and problem resolution to eliminate -- or at least reduce -- conflicts, litigation, and claims by focusing on best practices. The process is superior for project groups across most industries.

What is in it for you?

Every project has a Stakeholder Team,  all the personnel responsible for working on its successful completion. Our sessions align partnering principles, team-generated code of ethics and a well-written mission charter with goals and objectives. Most importantly, we include an extensive issue resolution component that resolves the majority of challenges before the project starts. Zen Benefiel, Managing Partner of Team Partnering LLC, is a recommended partnering session facilitator that engages and inspires best practices, professionalism and world-class results.

Stakeholders develop proactive working relationships that meet and/or exceed project requirements through effective and timely communication. Projects often finish ahead of schedule, at or below budget, injury free with award-quality craftsmanship. Developing effective communication and problem-solving methods are equally important in facilitating people, places and things to work together better; achieving goals and objectives beyond expectations.

Strategic conversations create opportunities for excellence in performance;  often shortening schedules and increasing profits with value-engineering opportunities. Partnering facilitation with Team Partnering brings the special sauce that elevates the conversation through engaging mindful practices. There is a technology that, when engaged, promotes leadership at an individual level of job performance.

Concise . Effective . Insightful . Productive

Cohesive teams reduce conflicts; fewer complaints - less... disruption, angry staff and workers and/or costly litigation. Cohesive teams garner premium results; injury-free product quality, time savings and value-added benefits for both owner and contractor.  We spend time on details that matter, massaging your critical path for maximum flow.

Partnering Principles & Processes are applicable to ANY PROJECT or working project team in any industry. 

Frustrated with current results? Call Team Partnering.

Partnering facilitations include Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Federal Highway Administration, Departments of Transportation, National Park Services, Port Authorities, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and more. We are registered with the U.S. Federal government's System for Award Management (SAM). Download our Capability Statement

"Communication and conversation can solve nearly every challenge a team faces. It's how that conversation is crafted that produces the optimal experience, flow and award-winning results."

Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA - Chief Possibilities Coagulator at Team Partnering

Partnering Process Particulars
 partnering principles

Principles of Partnering

We lead off with conversation on the principles. Crafting a Code of Ethics moves stakeholders toward engagement with transparency.

Charter - Goals & Objectives

Charter - Goals & Objectives

A mission statement provides the foundation for how the work is accomplished. Goals and Objectives provide a measurable process.

Issue Resolution Process

Issue Resolution Process & Plan

Issues are identified, discussed to determine priority and timelines;  defining details of people, places and things for resolution.

Partial Client List et al
I trained ADOT partnering facilitators for two decades, beginning in the early 1990s. Zen is an exceptionally well qualified partnering facilitator and manager of group processes. He is very effective watching group participants to ensure they are engaged and draws people into the process. He is very open, an excellent communicator and I enjoyed working with him. His experience and education make him an excellent choice for leading groups to consensus and goal accomplishment. Stephen Clarke, M.A., P.C.C., B.C.C. Retired Executive/Leadership Coach

Partial Client List:

Ames, AMG, Ashton, Borderland, Combs, FANN, FNF, Granite/Pulice JV, Journeyman, Lawrence, Markham, Martin Brothers, Renew/Mason-Hanger JV, Rummel, Thalle


Partial Operator/Owner List

  • City of Santa Clarita, CA
  • City of Savannah, GA
  • City of Peoria, AZ
  • City of Tucson, AZ
  • Tohono O'odham Nation
  • U.S. National Park Services
  • Department of Defense - U.S. Air Force
  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Maricopa Co. Dept of Transportation
  • Federal Highways Administration
  • United States Army Corp of Engineers
  • Homeland Security - Border Patrol

We look forward to facilitating your next partnering session with award-winning results!

Essentials of Partnering

Partnering Essentials

Partnering essentials are process-driven and defined as “a process of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships.” 


partnering essentialsWe focus on the partnering essentials - Quality, Communication, Issue Resolutions, Safety, Schedule, Teamwork and Relationships. Our process is concise, effective, insightful and productive. Of course, with a name like Zen you might expect a feature like The Tao of Partnering graphic, illustrating a mindful approach to stakeholder success. Expertise in applying the hard and soft skills is a priceless commodity.


Partnering essentials focus on the project vision and mission; directing your team's passion and purpose toward excellence in achieving project goals. Value engineering opportunities, often better than spec, are among the many benefits. Your deliverable is a cohesive team ready for excellence in performance leadership, followed by a written report that includes a Code of Ethics, issue resolution action plans & processes. Your showcase piece is a Partnership Charter signed by all stakeholders, a visible metaphor of having everyone on the same page.


Project results demonstrate higher personal performance and issues resolved regularly at the lowest possible levels, dramatically increasing work flow without interruption. Projects benefit from the increased productivity - happy people get more done with less supervision and often produce award level products on or ahead of schedule. Wise leadership utilizes partnering workshops to help ensure any project's success; proven to increase profits and reduce liabilities through creating effective working relationships.


We have facilitated partnering workshops from pre-design to shovel-ready plans. There is no better way to ensure a project's success than by using "partnering" to bring together project stakeholders and bond them in common purpose and solid relationships. Core values that create a solid foundation for the partnership are communication, honesty, integrity and trust. 


Partnering Essentials Key Benefits

  • Creation of working 'Partnering Agreement'
  • Operational foundation created as 'Code of Ethics'
  • Incorporate the process of 'Active Listening'
  • Organizational Devotion to the Vision/Mission
  • Lead by Example Philosophy - Best Practice
  • Reduced Litigation - Increased Profits


Over two decades of facilitating partnering workshops across several industries and for a variety of purposes, with budgets ranging from $50,000 to $500,000,000. Participants enjoy the process of partnering. Stakeholders receive more than expected regarding action plans and successful issue resolution processes. Stakeholders move from potential conflict to coagulation; people, places and things working together for mutual benefit and award-winning products.

Here's an article supporting Partnering from the Army Corps of Engineers.
Prior Project Signed Charters

Team Partnering Portfolio

Below are a sampling of previous sessions for your perusal. Click on the photos for sharper images. Perhaps they will assist your facilitation choice. Each partnership is further rooted in the commitment to each other and the project by literally being on the same page; signatures of all the participants in the sessions. The goals and objectives of these partnerships will stimulate consideration. Projects range from DOD at Luke, AFB and the F-35 Operations and Maintenance Facility to a Raw Water Storage Impoundment for the City of Savannah, Georgia and the National Park Service Grand Canyon Mather Point Lookout and Village Redevelopment.
Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA

Bruce ‘Zen’ Benefiel Vitae

Skills Summary

  • Business Consulting – analysis, execution/strategic planning, project management
  • Educating, Mentoring  – individual, company, group – secondary and adult learners
  • Facilitation Services – organizational development and partnering
  • Event Developing, Planning, Coordinating – small to large scale private and public events
  • Television Producing – producer/host, procurement coordinator and media buyer
  • Supply Chain Managing and Resource Integration – aerospace, campaign, events, health foods
  • Sales and Marketing – education, graphic services, health foods, home improvements
  • Desktop Publishing – brochures, j-cards, posters, newsletters, presentations – published author


University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona Master or Arts – Organizational Management University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona Secondary Teaching Certification University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona Master in Business Administration University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona Bachelor of Science – Business Administration

Professional Affiliations

  • ASTD now Association for Talent Development
  • International Association of Facilitators
  • Speakers Resource Organization
  • University of Phoenix Alumni

Facilitation Style and Partnering Profile

Partnering Facilitation Services Capability Statement