In-person or Virtual, construction partnering is a commitment between a project’s owner, the consulting engineers and/or architects, the contractor(s), and other key project stakeholders to create a cooperative project environment with a team committed to understanding one another. The objective of construction partnering sessions is to reduce project costs and schedules, eliminate change orders and claims, and improve communication by developing mutually agreed upon project and partnership success goals and by monitoring the achievement of these goals for the duration of the project. The construction partnering team will also develop an agreed upon process for resolving disputes should they arise, called a dispute resolution ladder. Virtual sessions are in-demand and often save time and resources over traditional in-person sessions.
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An In-Person or Virtual 'Possibilities Coagulator'

Skills Summary

  • Business Consulting – analysis, execution/strategic planning, project management
  • Educating, Mentoring  – individual, company, group
  • Facilitation Services – organizational development and partnering
  • Event Development & Logistics – small to large scale private and public events
  • Television Production – producer/host, procurement coordinator and media buyer
  • Supply Chain Managing and Resource Integration – aerospace, campaign, events, health foods
  • Marketing – Professor (University of Dubuque, Tempe AZ campus)

Bruce 'Zen' Benefiel

MA, MBA, Certified Facilitator


University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Master or Arts – Organizational Management

University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Secondary Teaching Certification

University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Master in Business Administration

University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Bachelor of Science – Business Administration

Professional Affiliations

  • Association for Talent Development
  • International Association of Facilitators
  • Speakers Resource Organization
  • University of Phoenix Alumni

Partnering Session Facilitation Services

In-person or Virtual… What is in it for you?

Our experience and skill of aligning people and resources fuel award-winning projects in the pre-construction phase through our partnering session facilitation services. Coherent and cohesive teams reduce conflicts; fewer complaints, less disruption or downtime, partnering facilitation servicesless chance of angry staff, workers or costly litigation. A Partnering Facilitator helps build Cohesive Teams to garner premium results; time savings and value-added benefits create financial gains for owner, contractor and subs. The public benefits by obtaining partnering session facilitation services that are higher quality, less costly and garner better results than consensus building techniques alone.

Why a Partnering Facilitator?

Our construction partnering session facilitation services engage the team as a single holistic unit with one goal – a premium product. We create an atmosphere to align skill sets, empower effective communication and inspire best practices and professionalism. Developing effective communication and problem-solving methods is equally important in facilitating people, places and things to work together better; achieve goals and objectives with award-winning quality. We’ve had several projects receive the Martin F. Black Award.

Partnering Facilitation Services

Innovative strategic planning conversations create opportunities for excellence in performance. Expertise in developing diverse teams across public and private organizations for over 20 years, the facilitation of common goals and objectives to garner collective buy-in is the secret sauce to success. 21st Century Partnering includes a holistic picture of the project and team, calling each to their assigned duties with a new or renewed sense of collaboration and teamwork.

partnering facilitation services

We have conducted partnering workshops for construction project and non-construction work teams. The partnering facilitation process focuses on communication, unified goal setting, known and unknown issue resolution and safety. We customize our workshops to meet the needs of our clients from DoD to City Municipalities. The background of this page is just part of a completed project with FHWA, National Park Service and FANN Construction. It is the Mather Point Reconstruction at the Grand Canyon, designed to last a century.

Partnering Principles & Processes are applicable to ANY PROJECT in ANY INDUSTRY. 

Our partnering facilitations include Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Federal Highway Administration, Departments of Transportation, National Park Services, Port Authorities, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and more.

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