Partnering Essentials

Partnering facilitation services are defined as “a process of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships.” We focus on the partnering essentials – Quality, Communication, Issue Resolutions, Safety, Schedule, Teamwork and Relationships. Our process is concise, effective, insightful and productive.

The primary partnering focus is the project vision and mission; directing your team’s passion and purpose toward excellence in achieving project goals. Value engineering opportunities, often better than spec, are among the many benefits. Your deliverable is a cohesive team ready for excellence in performance leadership, followed by a written report that includes a Code of Ethics, issue resolution action plans & processes. Your showcase piece is a Partnership Charter signed by all stakeholders, a visible metaphor of having everyone on the same page.

Project results demonstrate higher personal performance and issues resolved regularly at the lowest possible levels, dramatically increasing work flow without interruption. Projects benefit from the increased productivity – happy people get more done with less supervision and often produce award level products on or ahead of schedule. Wise leadership utilizes partnering workshops to help ensure any project’s success; proven to increase profits and reduce liabilities through creating effective working relationships.

We have facilitated partnering workshops from pre-design to shovel-ready plans. There is no better way to ensure a project’s success than by using “partnering” to bring together project stakeholders and bond them in common purpose and solid relationships. Core values that create a solid foundation for the partnership are communication, honesty, integrity and trust. 

Partnering Facilitation Services Key Benefits

  • Creation of working ‘Partnering Agreement’
  • Operational foundation created as ‘Code of Ethics’
  • Incorporate the process of ‘Active Listening’
  • Organizational Devotion to the Vision/Mission
  • Lead by Example Philosophy – Best Practice
  • Reduced Litigation – Increased Profits


Over two decades of partnering facilitation services and workshops across several industries and for a variety of purposes, with budgets ranging from $50,000 to $500,000,000. Participants enjoy the process of partnering. Stakeholders receive more than expected regarding action plans and successful issue resolution processes. Stakeholders move from potential conflict to coagulation; people, places and things working together for mutual benefit and gain.

Here’s an article supporting Partnering from the Army Corps of Engineers.