Construction Partnering Portfolio

construction partneringConstruction partnering facilitation culminates in the signed agreements, bonding the team to a collaborative goal. Our sessions engage best practices in leadership, project management and organizational management. Team Partnering’s history with successful projects comes with some documentation as well. One of the keys to the buy-in for construction partnering for the team is their commitment, signed and delivered, in the form of partnering agreements.

We’ve been involved in projects across the spectrum of construction and with organizations that span the realms of construction projects. They include the Border Patrol, Department of Defense, Federal Highways Administration, Homeland Security, National Park Services, Ports of Authority. Municipal buildings and State Transportation Departments for road, bridge and elevated highways. Every session is unique, yet the process for achieving excellence is the same with minor deviations depending on the actual needs of the project.

Below are a sampling of previous sessions for your perusal. Perhaps they will assist your facilitation choice. The goals and objectives of these partnerships will stimulate consideration. Projects range from DOD at Luke, AFB and the F-35 Operations and Maintenance Facility to a Raw Water Storage Impoundment for the City of Savannah, Georgia and the National Park Service Grand Canyon Mather Point Lookout Redevelopment.